Dear Valued Los Alamitos Customer –

Thank you for the unwavering support and kindness to our frontline employees over the past several months as we have provided essential services to your community during these unprecedented times. The battle against the COVID-19 pandemic has been waged on several fronts. As such, we have remained committed to serve your community by ensuring the reliable trash and recycling services you depend on, have continued with as minimal impact as possible. Members of the Los Alamitos community have responded with expressing their appreciation to our dedicated team of drivers – for this, we are grateful!

Each July, Republic is permitted to seek an annual adjustment to our rate schedule to help account for the ever-rising costs of providing the very best services possible. These services include your solid waste, recycling, green waste, bulky-item, and doorstep hazardous waste collections – as well as street sweeping services. This adjustment will be reflected on your July invoice. Please note this is a regularly scheduled annual adjustment, and non-related to the pandemic. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: (877) 299-4898 or
We value your partnership with Republic Services and thank you for your understanding. Again, we remain committed to serve Los Alamitos today, and every day.


Republic Services