Printmasters in Los Alamitos is hosting a STUDENT ART CONTEST for Elementary through College-age students in our area to help students find an outlet of creativity and positivity during this time of distance learning.

There will be 4 ART TOPICS:

1.Where is your happy place? (due 1/13/2021)

2.A favorite 2020 family memory (due 2/10/2021)

3.Your school / home / community (due 3/3/2021)

4.Show a new skill / hobby of 2020 (due 3/24/2021)

Entries will be broken down into school categories: Elementary, Middle, High School, and College. All entries have the chance to be PUBLISHED IN A BOOK called “The Artists of Los Al” being produced by Printmasters.

36 winners will be chosen for prizes and guaranteed publication!

Winners will be announced HERE throughout the contest! Follow if you or a student you know in the Los Alamitos area wants to participate. SHARE and tag this post with the Los Al student in your life!

Visit the contest page TODAY at for all the details!